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Hello guys..
This time I will share about other dj software VirtualDJ. you know mixmeister? This software is also in use many dj in the world to process and track and others. below is a detail info:

MixMeister software isn't quite like anything else on the market. It's designed for people who care enough about their music to refine a mix until it’s perfect, rather than throw everything together on the fly and hope that it sounds OK. You won't be limited by on-screen simulations of turntables or CD players, either -- you can tweak any part of your mix creation in a timeline instead. When you've got the mix just the way you want it, you can play it, burn it to CD, stream it over the Web, or reshape it in real-time for live performances.

With this dj software making mixtape, mixing, and more easy better. download trial version here. I have been try and very good, complete with hardware. Try it.


aRPie said...

With the Fusion version, you could use for DJ-ing live ...

Anonymous said...

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Baca Manga said...

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Jessica said...

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Pro Sound and Audio said...

Hi Friends,

With DJ Mixing software you can easily make your own music mixes, apply various effects to music, and transpose or change music speed independently. You can also create song remixes through multiple cue points, and warm the mood by inserting scratches, raps, or other funny and interesting sounds. Thanks a lot.

Ale said...

When using this i actually prefer my CDJ 900 stand for all other kinds of stuff.

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