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usb sound for djing behringer

3 comments Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Behringer UCA202 U-Control USB audio Interface

(Ultraflexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer etc - uca control, usb uca hub, uca 202, uca-202).

This usb sound is very good for you if you djing using software as like virtual dj, tracktor dj and other. the Usb sound is dj equipment when you use the pc or laptop besides using PCI card.

Product Info:

Ultra low-latency 2 In/2 Out USB/Audio Interface with Digital Output

Ultraflexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer etc. with your computer for recording and playback
High resolution 48 kHz converters for high end audio quality
Works with your PC or Mac-no setup or drivers required

With this ultra-compact, bus-powered interface, you can link your Windows and Mac computer with any audio gear. There is no setup or special drivers needed simply plug the interface in a free USB port on your computer. The UCA202 provides 2 analog inputs and outputs, as well as an additional S/PDIF optical output for direct digital conversion. The stereo headphone output with dedicated level control lets you monitor both input and output. You can also go to the U-CONTROL download area which offers a huge software package for recording and editing.

Colour Silver
Dimensions 22 x 88 x 60mm
Weight 0.12kg.
Power Input 5v From USB Connection

For virtual dj software I think is powerfull to make your performing as dj. I f you wish it please purchase click link here.Behringer U Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface
I just give you info about dj equipment for djing using virtual dj or other the software, if you want to know how to setting at virtual dj please visit here
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Numark mixer usb for djing

5 comments Monday, April 13, 2009

If you using software to djing I think this mixer is very good, as like virtual dj, tractor dj, dj club and others. I just give you info and not yet to try.
The dm950usb is an affordable 2 channel mixer with two usb audio ports built into the mixer. Usb technology allows audio files
to be transferred to and from your computer. Mix your computers music files with vinyl, cd, dvd or a microphone. Incorporate mp3, wma, wav,
and other digital music files in the mix from any usb-equipped pc or mac. Two usb ports are included so you can take advantage
of the multiple sound card feature found in most dj mixing software. Record your mix at the same time as you play back.
The dm950usb from numark is the perfect way to easily get into the modern world of computer music while still using a traditional mixing platform.


2 channels
7 inputs including 1 mic & 2 usb
Treble and bass eq
Gain controls on both channels and mic
Replaceable crossfader
Split headphone monitoring system

Master output
2 usb input/output channels for playing mp3 files from computer or for recording from computer
12v light socket
No software drivers needed (windows xp or mac osx)
Usb cables included
Works with almost any windows or mac audio recording or playback software
Rack mountable
240 volts

You can use this mixer to virtual dj software with external mixer setting or others. Selling Price: £79.00 EACH. I think still cheap for save money.
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ESI Maya 44 USB Soundcard for djing

5 comments Tuesday, April 7, 2009
The MAYA44 USB is a powerful, yet affordable, USB audio solution for home recording - a perfect solution for mobile live and recording applications.

Besides standard recording and playback functionality, MAYA44 USB provides everything that is needed for professional music production.
In its compact case MAYA44 USB provides 4 analog input and 4 analog output channels with RCA connectors and a combined optical S/PDIF
digital output / stereo headphone output.With support for ASIO 2.0, CoreAudio and MME / WDM, MAYA44 USB is compatible to all major music and DJ applications like Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Reason, Reaktor, MixVibes, Traktor DJ Studio, BPM Studio and much more.

4 input channels and 4 output channels with RCA connectors
10dBV input / output level (unbalanced)
optical S/PDIF digital output with Miniplug connector
headphone output (1/8" connector) with 60mW amplifier
ASIO 2.0 and CoreAudio support (4 inputs / 4 outputs)
MME / WDM support (2 inputs / 2 outputs)
Standard USB connection to PC or Mac
compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X

you can use it for djing with virtual dj software. how to djing use virtual dj here
source from www.djstore.com
here for detail.
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internal mixer setting in virtual dj


Pursuant to picture above that SOUNDCARD 1 to speaker, and soundcard 2 to headphone as if to preview mix in headphone. If soundcard 1 set as master output, so that soundcard 2 is headphone. when you mixing in virtual dj activating CUE MIX of function. This setting using 2 soundcard with same of brand for djing using virtual dj software. tutorial here. you can using onboard sound in your computer too but if there ae the trouble don't use it. why use 2 soundcard with same of brand?? using soundcard same can make output of result do same. you only setting in sound control in control panel, then cek out volume each it. how to set config in virtual dj here.
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